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R&D Center

The confidence of a beautiful smile begins with strong and healthy teeth.
The teeth in our daily life are not only a beautiful smile, but also play an important role in chewing and digesting food.
Vericom is constantly researching and developing our precious teeth, and is growing into a "small but strong company"
that is recognized for its escellent quality and stability in the global dental material market.
At the center are a technical research center with accumulated source and applied technologies and a thorough quality control production system.
Vericom's R&D center is a gathering of researchers from leading domestic and foreign research institutes
with extensive experience in the development and technology of composite materials.
It has been focusing on research and development of dental biomaterials using high-dispersion technology and polymer composite resin systems.

Base on this, the product's verification, stability, etc. are thoroughly managed to increase the stability of quality.
And the excellent products, which were released with the idea od adding value to products through strict production management and hygiend management, attacted attention through quality certification and patent registration from around the world
and grew into the best dental material manufacturer in Korea and abroad.

Starting with the launch of the nation's first composite resin "DenFil" in 2000, the company has developed and produced
more than 60 kinds of dental biomaterials so far.
Most products have the title of Korea's first, speading the excellence of domestic dental materials
to global dental market and Verricom is becoming global strong company.
In particular, the CADCAM system hybrid ceramic "MAZIC Duro", 3D printing system "MAZIC D", bioceramic sealer "Well-Root ST",
and light-cured orthodontic cement "U-Bond Ortho", which will lead the future digital dental materials market,
are high-tech dental materials that only a few leading companies in the world can produce.

Through close collaboration with national research institutes, leading large corporations, and universities,
Vericom continues to challenge the development of new bio convergence technologies such as bio-materials using biomimetics,
future bio-materials such as bio-friendly ceramic materials,
3D printing ceramic materials and high-functionality/high-performance medical materials.

Impression Materials

Restorative Materials

Preventive Materials

Endodontic Materials

Block Materials for CAD/CAM

3D Printing Materials

Miscellaneous Laboratory Materials